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Non-Ferrous Separators:  Applications for non-ferrous separators

Apart from the well-proven conventional iron separation WAGNER MAGNETE as one of the first enterprises has concentrated on the field of separation of non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper.

The applications of WAGNER nonferrous separators (nf-separators) are numerous and diverse.

Almost all that is diminished by a shredder and sorted into various fractions or grain classifications contains nonferrous metals. The aim of the separation is either to recover valuable metals directly or to clean parent material for the reuse whereby both is of course possible.

Important examples are glass recycling or the recycling of wood, rubber and synthetic products. Here very high rates of reusability above all for basic materials are achieved.

Valuable metals can be recovered from the automobile and electronic scrap recycling, recycling of old cables or from domestic waste and packing waste. The mentioned classification into equal grain sizes and a one-layer material feed if possible is the precondition of an efficient nf-separation.

The eddy current separators are available in closed dustproof design and also with additional magnetic drum and vibration feeder.

For sticy materials we recommend the usage of our rotatin cleaning brushes. We provide several magnetic rotor systems with different number of pole and will help to select the best design for your application.