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Metal Detectors:  Applications and Designs

Since the market introduction of the current 652 series, WAGNER metal detectors have been used successfully all over the world to protect mills, crushers, cutters and other valuable system parts.

They work around the clock and under many extreme climate conditions, for example in cement, gravel and woodcutting factories, in glass and paper recycling plants and also in coal power stations.

In general, the user-friendliness, reliability and disturbance-resistant, robust housing are given positive reviews by our customers. The transmitter and receiver coils are sealed with special filler material together with the shielding steel sheet metal housing. For this reason, our devices are very resistant to mechanical and thermal loads.

If none of our standard devices can be installed because of especially difficult installation conditions, we can manufacture custom designs. The control electronics can be mounted up to 50 m from the sensor at a location that can be easily accessed.

No special knowledge is required for commissioning. Our operating instructions provide a detailed explanation of what needs to be done. The display sensitivity setting for all devices is continually variable over a wide range. As soon as a magnetic or non-magnetic metal item with sufficient size passes through the search area, it is detected and a potential-free relay contact is switched. This signal can be output as a pulse with an adjustable length or as a continuous signal. The continuous signal can be acknowledged by the operator using the control electronics after removing the metal item.

Overview Metal Detectors: