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News:  Investment in ECS technologies

Eddy current separators (ECS) are used in the recycling industry for recovering non-ferrous metals. By means of rotating, high-energy neodymium magnet systems, they generate fast-alternating magnetic fields with high intensity. As a result, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium are flung out of the bulk solids flow.

Wagner Magnete is currently investing in the development of new technologies and has significantly increased the production capacities.

At IFAT, Wagner Magnete GmbH based in Heimertingen (Allgäu) presented a new eddy current separator with a high-frequency rotor system that achieves a nominal speed up to 7000 rpm. The new high-frequency eddy current separator combines various advantages. It is optimally suited for the recovery of extremely small non-ferrous metal particles from a particle size of 0.5 mm. On account of the high rotor speed, the number of poles can be reduced, and accordingly larger and stronger neodymium magnets can be used. With the relatively large poles, a large field depth, a long-term effect and a high energy density can be achieved.

On account of the current successes in the “nonferrous separators” division, another assembly facility was built in 2016, as a result of which the assembly  area for final assembly of the non-ferrous separators will be tripled.

“In addition, in the course of the building activities, the company is doubling the  assembly space for the final assembly of the overbelt magnets and suspended magnets,” says Managing Director Wolfgang Wagner.

The pilot plant facility is also being renewed too. A new 500-m² test center facility for eddy current separators and magnetic separator technology has been erected.  

In the recycling industry, different technologies are used to generate magnetic fields. Eddy current separators with large working widths are becoming increasingly important, such as for example in the recovery of aluminium in the processing of waste timber and bulk waste, where very large streams of material must be handled.

“All our large standard machines for waste timber reach a speed of 3000 rpm. That also applies to the latest Wagner technology that has a working width of 3 m”, explains Thomas Zrenner, Wagner Sales Manager responsible for eddy current separators, magnetic separators and metal detectors.

"The magnet rotors of eddy current separators have an extreme length to diameter ratio. This leads to the generation of different natural frequencies. Safe and durable operation at these high speeds requires precision manufacturing of the magnet rotors, which also have to be extremely well balanced. An important precondition for safe operation at very high rotor speeds is an absolutely reliable control system. It is capable at all times to control the magnet rotors —  even in the event of temporary or longerterm power outage. “In the case of power failure or an emergency shutdown, our control system controls the rotors —  reliably to their standstill. Moreover, at all times it is able on restoration of the supply power to control the rotor up to nominal speed,” explains Thomas Zrenner.

Heimertingen, 01.11.2016